Building Envelope Technology Access Centre (BETAC)

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Building Envelope Technology Access Centre (BETAC)

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TAC Name:Building Envelope Technology Access Centre (BETAC)
Affiliated With:Red River College
TAC awarded: 2015, 2018
Short Description:The Building Envelope Technology Access Centre (BETAC) enables organizations in the building construction industry to access Red River College’s capability, equipment, assets and expertise. BETAC’s services address the inherent challenges with designing and constructing a durable, energy efficient building envelope in Manitoba’s unique climate.
Twitter Pitch:BETAC services the building industry by addressing the challenges in designing and constructing a durable, energy-efficient building envelope in Manitoba’s unique climate.
Address:A1-34 2055 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9
Point of Contact:Name: Rob Spewak, Centre Manager


Phone: +1-204-632-2357



Services offered in: English

Areas of Innovation Expertise:·         Building construction

·         Building airtightness

·         Building envelope test methods

·         Commercial and institutional buildings

·         Building envelope testing

·         Building commissioning

Technical and Business Services·         Assistance with building products approvals and commercialization

·         Business development & market research services

·         Commercialization referrals

·         Competitive assessments

·         Components/parts fabrication

·         Concept ideation & design review

·         Construction Consultation Services

·         Early-Stage Business Development

·         Fabrication, Prototyping and Installation Services

·         IP Protection facilitation

·         Literature reviews

·         Non-destructive inspection (NDI)

·         Performance Monitoring and Management

·         Sample analysis & testing

·         Field trials/Simulation

·         Market analysis

·         Problem solving

·         Product testing

·         Proof of concept

·         Regulatory guidance

·         Scientific and technological monitoring

·         Scientific report writing

·         Technology & workflow consultation

·         Technology development

·         Technology evaluation / validation

·         Testing Services

·         Whole wall testing – thermal, moisture, structural

Applied Research and Development·         Coaching

·         Concept validation

·         Design of Experiment

·         Laboratory/pilot scale prototyping

·         Non-destructive inspection

·         Product Re-design & Improvement

·         Technology validation and transfer

·         Cost avoidance

·         Industrial scale prototyping

·         Performance monitoring and analysis

·         Process optimization

·         Provincial and federal grant proposal development

·         Regulatory guidance

·         Report preparation on R&D results

Training·         Corporate on-site & in-house training

·         Design, development, and delivery of customized training

·         Interactive Workshop Sessions

·         Needs assessment and gap analysis

·         Skills assessment/Competency evaluation

·         Training planning

·         Building envelope modelling training

·         Curriculum development

·         Large building airtightness training

·         Qualitative & quantitative research

·         Train the trainer

Technology Diffusion·         Customized technology demonstrations

·         Networking events

·         Open houses – Testing facility & personnel

·         Presentation of results at conferences

·         Publishing in Peer Reviewed Literature

·         Field site product demonstration

·         Industry-specific events & symposia

·         Participation at trade shows & other venues with or on behalf of partners

·         Rental of space & equipment

·         Seminars and Workshops

Specialized Equipment Available·         Dual environmental chambers with common wall section – independently controlled, additive humidity and -40 C to +40 C temperature range

·         Fenestration test system – capable of testing 12’ x 12’ wall assembly for air and water infiltration, as well as structural deflection

·         Large building blower door test equipment – for airtightness testing of institutional and commercial buildings. 50,000 cfm capacity

·         Building envelope sensors – temperature, moisture, relative humidity, heat flux

·         Miscellaneous building envelope diagnostic tools – mini-lab for window and door testing in field; infrared thermography cameras; video boroscope for wall investigations; moisture meters



Applied research and partnerships are a win-win! Industry benefits from research facilities, staff and equipment, and students get real-world experience that translates to jobs like Ryan's. Kudos for leading the way, @NCResearchInnov, @niagaracollege! #MeetTheTACs…

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