Centre for Digital Imaging Research and Development (CDRIN)

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Centre for Digital Imaging Research and Development (CDRIN)

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TAC Name:Centre for Digital Imaging Research and Development (CDRIN)
Affiliated With:Cégep de Matane
TAC awarded:2013, 2018
Short Description:CDRIN conducts digital-imaging research and technology transfers with small, medium-sized and large companies, particularly in the areas of motion capture and augmented reality. It also addresses the need for skills and workforce development in this constantly evolving sector.
Twitter Pitch:CDRIN upgrades and innovates with intelligence in the fields of entertainment, Santé 4.0 and educational technologies. How can we help you?
Address:608 Saint-Rédempteur Avenue, Matane, Québec, QC G4W 0E1
Point of Contact:Name: Julien Coll

Email: coll.julien@cdrin.com

Website: cdrin.com/

Services offered in: English and French

Areas of Innovation Expertise:Expertise

·         Motion capture

·         2D and 3D animation

·         Special effects (VFX)

·         Video games

·         Mobile applications

·         3D digitization


Technical and Business Services

Technical and Business Services

·         Sample analysis & testing

·         Technology & workflow consultation

·         Field trials/Simulation

·         Concept ideation & design review

·         Literature reviews

·         Design Services

·         Digital Media & Web Solutions

Applied Research and DevelopmentApplied Research and Development

·         Automation

·         Product Design & Development

·         3D design & rapid Prototyping

·         Provincial and federal grant proposal development

·         Cost avoidance

·         Process optimization

·         Product Re-design & Improvement

·         Reverse Engineering

·         Concept validation

·         Technology validation and transfer


·         Corporate on-site & in-house training

·         Interactive Workshop Sessions

Technology DiffusionTechnology Diffusion

·         Networking events

·         Customized technology demonstrations

·         Rental of space & equipment

·         Open houses – Testing facility & personnel

Specialized Equipment AvailableSpecialized Equipment Available

·         Motion capture systems using reflective markers

·         Vicon T160 system, featuring 72 16-megapixel cameras

·         Vicon Bonita 3 system, featuring 8 0.3-megapixel cameras

·         Vicon Bonito 10 system, featuring 8 1-megapixel cameras

·         2 wireless virtual cameras for cinematography of motion capture scenes

·         Motion capture system using active markers

·         BlackTrax development set, featuring 4 OptiTrack Flex 3 USB cameras

·         Motion capture system without markers

·         Organic Motion system, featuring 18 video cameras

·         Other motion capture systems

·         SPS 1000 radio-frequency positioning system by Quattrium

·         Gypsy 7 exoskeleton by Animazoo

·         IGS-190 inertial gyroscopy system from Animazoo, using 19 IMUs

·         Perception Neuron

·         Leap Motion

·         Thalmic Labs MYO

·         3D scanner

·         Viuscan 3D laser by Creaform

·         Photogrammetry system featuring Canon DSLR cameras and Raspberry Pi

·         Depth-map cameras

·         2 Microsoft Kinect sensors

·         2 Microsoft Kinect One sensors

·         Asus Xtion Pro Live sensor

·         Carmine PrimeSense sensor

·         Virtual reality headsets

·         Oculus Rift

·         HTC Vive

·         Samsung Gear VR

TAC-specific Social Media Links:https://twitter.com/CDRINMatane




Applied research and partnerships are a win-win! Industry benefits from research facilities, staff and equipment, and students get real-world experience that translates to jobs like Ryan's. Kudos for leading the way, @NCResearchInnov, @niagaracollege! #MeetTheTACs twitter.com/niagaracollege…

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