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Affiliated With:Cégep de Thetford
TAC awarded:2013, 2018
Short Description:OLEOTEK helps businesses innovate in the areas of renewable chemistry, green chemistry and the piloting of processes. We work with businesses to support them in developing more environmentally friendly industrial products.
Twitter Pitch:OLEOTEK is a research and technology transfer centre, supporting businesses in their innovation projects in green or renewable chemistry and chemical process scale-up.
Address:835 rue Mooney Ouest, Thetford Mines, QC G6H 1M4
Point of Contact:Name: David Berthiaume, Executive Director


Phone: +1-418-338-1318×223

Email: dberthiaume@oleotek.org

Website: oleotek.org/

Services offered in: English and French

Areas of Innovation Expertise:Expertise

·         Green chemistry

·         Piloting of processes

·         Renewable chemistry

·         Oleochemistry

·         Pre-commercial production

·         Formulation


Technical and Business Services

Technical and Business Services

·         Technical assistance (consultation, comparative analysis of technologies, tests and analysis)

·         Venture Capital referrals

·         Commercialization referrals

·         Marketing Advisory Services referrals

·         Business Mentorship referrals

·         Market analysis

·         Sample analysis & testing

·         Technology & workflow consultation

·         Technology development

·         Product testing

·         Field trials/Simulation

·         Technology evaluation / validation

·         Concept ideation & design review

·         Literature reviews

·         IP Protection facilitation

·         Project management

·         Regulatory guidance

·         Early-Stage Business Development

·         Production of pre-commercial batches

·         Scientific report writing

·         Reverse engineering

·         Problem solving

·         Ingredient selection and recommendations

·         Testing Services

·         Proof of concept

·         Scientific and technological monitoring

Applied Research and DevelopmentApplied Research and Development

·         Design of Experiment

·         Manufacturing process design and development

·         Product Design & Development

·         Provincial and federal grant proposal development

·         Cost avoidance

·         Process optimization

·         Regulatory guidance

·         Report preparation on R&D results

·         Laboratory/industrial/pilot scale protoyping

·         Product Re-design & Improvement

·         Reverse Engineering

·         Concept validation

·         Technology validation and transfer


·         Connections to co-op placement opportunities

·         Referral to continuing education services

·         Design, development, and delivery of customized training

·         Corporate on-site & in-house training

Technology DiffusionTechnology Diffusion

·         Networking events

·         Industry-specific events & symposia

·         Field site product demonstration

·         Rental of space & equipment

·         Open houses – Testing facility & personnel

·         Presentation of results at conferences

·         Publishing in Peer Reviewed Literature

·         Seminars and Workshops

·         Literature reviews

·         Technical publications

Specialized Equipment AvailableSpecialized Equipment Available

·         Analytical laboratory

·         Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

·         Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

·         GC-MS (Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry)

·         Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)

·         UV-visible spectrophotometer

·         Friction measurement system (Four-Ball Wear)

·         Cloud point – flow point

·         Brookfield viscometer

·         Automatic viscometer

·         Penetrometer

·         Rancimat0

·         Automatic titrator

·         Flash point

·         Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy

·         Gas chromatography with direct injection (COC-GC–FID)

·         Carbon Residue

·         RPVOT

·         Synthesis laboratory

·         Rotary evaporator with 20-litre capacity

·         Kugelrohr

·         Doigt distiller

·         Rotovap

·         Reaction vessels

·         Ultrasound probe

·         Synthesis laboratory

·         Pilot plant

·         Single-stage wiped-film evaporator

·         Fractionation pilot

·         20-litre reaction vessel

·         120-litre reaction vessel

·         200-litre reaction vessel

·         400-litre reaction vessel

·         800-litre reaction vessel

·         Decanting funnel

·         Seed press

·         Press filter

·         Multi-bag filter

·         Vertical pressure leaf filter

·         Automatic mechanical cleaning filter


Social Media:https://www.facebook.com/OLEOTEK/






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