Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT)

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Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT)

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TAC Name:Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT)
Affiliated With:Sheridan College
TAC awarded:2013, 2018
Short Description:SIRT, established at Pinewood Toronto Studios, supports technology and content production innovation within Ontario’s screen industries including film, television, gaming, interactive media and virtual reality. With partnerships and support from Ontario’s screen industries, SIRT is Canada’s leading innovation and technology support centre for the screen industries.
Twitter Pitch:SIRT’s multi-disciplinary team collaborates with industry to accelerate screen-based workflow solutions and drive innovation.
Address:Pinewood Toronto Studios, 225 Commissioners St. Suite 200b/Stage10, Toronto, ON M4M 0A1
Point of Contact:Name: David Dexter, Operations and Business Development Lead


Phone: +1-905-815-4170×8407




Services offered in: English

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Areas of Innovation Expertise:Expertise

·         Digital Cinema – Stereoscopic 3D, High Frame Rate (HFR), High Dynamic Range (HDR), 4k/8k

·         Remote and Real-time Collaboration and shared services

·         Virtual Production – Virtual Reality, Motion Capture, Camera Tracking

·         Software Integration within emphasis on industry solutions

·         Industry Training – fully equipped training centre and program for the industry

·         Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Innovation Lab


Technical and Business Services

Technical and Business Services

•             Business development & market research services

•             Commercialization referrals

•             Competitive assessments

•             Competitive market analysis

•             Concept ideation & design review

•             Consumer focus groups

•             Design Services

•             Technology & workflow consultation

•             Technology development

•             Technology evaluation / validation

•             Web-based and mobile application mapping

•             Digital Media & Web Solutions

•             Field trials/Simulation

•             Literature reviews

•             Market analysis

•             Problem solving

•             Product testing

•             Project management

•             Proof of concept

•             Sample analysis & testing

•             Testing Services

Applied Research and DevelopmentApplied Research and Development

·         Concept validation

·         Product Re-design & Improvement

·         Process optimization

·         Provincial and federal grant proposal development

·         Content Creation – Proof of Concept/Prototypes

·         Product Design & Development

·         Technology validation and transfer


·         Corporate on-site & in-house training

·         Design, development, and delivery of customized training

·         Interactive Workshop Sessions

·         Needs assessment and gap analysis

·         Skills assessment/Competency evaluation

·         Train the trainer

·         Building envelope modelling training

·         Connections to co-op placement opportunities

·         Curriculum development

·         Qualitative & quantitative research

·         Training planning

Technology DiffusionTechnology Diffusion

·         Customized technology demonstrations

·         Evening speaker series

·         Networking events

·         Participation at trade shows & other venues with or on behalf of partners

·         Rental of space & equipment

·         Industry-specific events & symposia

·         Open houses – Testing facility & personnel

·         Presentation of results at conferences

·         Publishing in Peer Reviewed Literature

·         Seminars and Workshops

Specialized Equipment AvailableSpecialized Equipment Available

·         World-Class Facility (10,000 sq. ft. sound stage at Pinewood Toronto Studios) with Global Accessibility.

·         2D and 3D digital cinema cameras; ARRI Alexa, Sony F65

·         4K projection/3D/HFR projection capabilities

·         DVS Clipster

·         A full suite of motion capture, virtual camera and camera tracking technology; Vicon, OptiTrak, SolidTrack, General Lift Encodacam, Ultimatte, Sony/ARRI professional cameras

·         Dedicated Virtual Reality footprint with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and related software applications

·         Dedicated and secure high-speed fibre optic connectivity to offsite storage and render

·         On-site workstation-based teaching facility with a range of available software

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