Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (CAT-B)

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Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (CAT-B)

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TAC Name:Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (CAT-B)
Affiliated With:La Cité
TAC awarded: 2015, 2018
Short Description:The TAC in Bio-Innovation supports Canadian businesses in realising applied research projects leading to the creation of new products and processes or the optimization of existing technology in the areas of industrial biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals and agri-food.
Twitter Pitch:The TAC-B, your research partner in molecular genetics and microbiology, promotes innovation in the agri‑food, human and animal health, industrial and environmental sectors.
Address:801 Aviation Parkway Room B3160.33, Ottawa, ON K1K 4R3
Point of Contact:Name: Nathalie Méthot



Services offered in: English and French

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Areas of Innovation Expertise:·         Agri-food

·         Analytical chemistry

·         Bioinformatics

·         Bioprocesses

·         Biotechnology

·         Genetic Engineering

Technical and Business Services·         Facilitation service (introduction)

·         Literature reviews

·         Problem solving

·         Product testing

·         Proof of concept

·         Advanced welding support for product development

·         Assistance with building products approvals and commercialization

·         Business Mentorship referrals

·         Early-Stage Business Development

·         Scientific report writing

Applied Research and Development·         Coaching

·         Concept validation

·         Design of Experiment

·         Process Optimization

·         Product Re-design & Improvement

·         Laboratory/pilot scale prototyping

·         Manufacturing process design and development

·         Pre-clinical development (chemistry & analytical biochemistry, metabolomics, pharmaceutical science, cell biology & microbiology)

·         Product Design & Development

·         Technology Validation and Transfer

Training·         Corporate on-site & in-house training

·         Design, development, and delivery of customized training

Technology Diffusion·         Rental of Space and Equipment

·         Industry-specific events & symposia

Specialized Equipment AvailableAnalytical chemistry

·         Mass spectrometer MS Coupled with HPLC-UV/VIS :: MS AB Sciex (3200 Q Trap); Separation, identification and quantification of soluble molecules;

·         Mass spectrometer MS Coupled with HPLC-UV/VIS :: LC Shimadzu (LC-20AD, DGU-20A3R, SIL-20ACHT); Separation and quantification of soluble molecules;

·         HPLC-UV/VIS :: Varian (920-LC); Separation and quantification of soluble molecules;

·         Ion chromatograph :: Thermo Scientific (Dionex lCS-5000 DC, Dionex lCS-5000 SP Dionex AS-AP); Separation and identification of charged molecules and ions (amino acids);

·         Atomic absorption spectrometer :: Varian (AA240); Quantification of elements in solutions;

·         GC-MS (with head space)GC-FID :: Agilent (6890N/5975C), Agilent (7890A); Separation, identification and quantification of volatile compounds (fatty acids, hydrocarbons, alcohols);

·         Capillary electrophoresis :: Agilent (HP 3D CE); Separation and quantification of soluble molecules;4

·         Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) :: PerkinElmer (JADE); Detection of phase transitions;

·         Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) :: Bruker (TANGO spectrometer); In-process analysis of solids and powders in reflection (calibration standards needed);


Cell culture BSL2 facilities

·         Laminar Flow Hoods :: Sterile environment

·         CO2 incubators :: Routine cell culture

·         Inverted microscopes :: Cellular organization and morphology

·         Fluorescence microscope :: OLYMPUS (BX53F); Visualization of fluorescent cellular structures and probes;

·         Stereomicroscope :: OLYMPUS (SZX-16); Cellular organization and morphology (fluorescence capabilities);

·         Growth chamber :: VWR; Light and temperature controlled for cell and plant culture;


Elemental analysis

·         Kjeltec digestor and distillator (N) :: FOSS (Kjeltec 8000); Quantification of nitrogen in solid and liquid samples;

·         Combustion Dumas (CNS) :: LECO (TruSpec CN,TruSpec S); Quantification of nitrogen, carbon and sulfur in solid samples;


Genetic suite

·         PCR :: BIO-RAD (S1000 Thermal Cycler); DNA amplification;

·         PCR DNA Engine (3) :: MJ Research (PTC 200); DNA amplification;

·         Gel imager :: BIO-RAD (Molecular Imager Gel doc XR +); Digitalization of gels;

·         DNA sequencer :: ABI 3500 DNA sequencing and genotype analysis

·         RT-PCR :: BIO-RAD CFX 96 DNA amplification in real-time

·         DNA Extraction :: EZ1 robot Automated DNA extraction


Microbiology BSL2 facilities

·         Biolog :: GEN III OmniLog Combo Plus System; Bacterial identification;

·         Anaerobic chamber :: Plas Labs Anaerobic handling

·         Incubator shaker :: Fisher (MaxQ) Temperature and agitation


Nutritional analysis

·         Fiber analyzer :: Ankom (A-200); Determination of neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber in plant material;

·         Soxhlet extraction unit :: Foss (Soxtec 2045); Lipuid extraction;

·         Rancimat :: Metrohm (892 Rancimat); Determination of lipid oxidation in samples containing oil and fat;

·         Water activity meter :: Neutec (Lab; Measurement of water activity in a variety of food samples;


Particules analysis

·         Multisizer Z4(20, 30, 50, 100 et 2 000 μm aperture) :: Beckman Coulter (Multisizer 4) Determination of particle size distribution and quantification


Recombinant protein production and purification BSL2 facilities

·         Bioreactors 1-L (3) :: Applikon (Z61101C004); Small scale culture of microorganisms (w.v. 0.75 L);

·         Bioreactors 7.5-L (2) :: Labfors (Infors); Small scale culture of microorganisms (w.v. 5 L);

·         Photobioreactor 1.9-L :: Lux 5 fla;t panel (Infors); Production of microalgae (w.v. 1.2 L)


·         Photobioreactor 2-L :: Labfors 4 + labfors Lux module (Infors); Production of microalgae (w.v. 1.2 L);

·         FPLC :: BIO-RAD BioLogic; Purification of proteins and biologics;


Sample preparation

·         Grinder :: Retsch (Zm 200); Grinding, sieving and sizing (0.2, 0.5 and 1 μm);

·         Freeze-dry System (Lyophilizer) :: Labconco (FreeZone); Freeze-drying of samples;



·         Spectrophotometer :: BioTek (SynergyMx); Absorbance/fluorescence/luminescence readings on 96-well plates and cuvette;

·         Spectrophotometer :: Varian (Eclipse); Fluorescence reading (cuvette based);



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