Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Healthcare (WIMTACH)

November 21, 2017 6:30 am

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Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Healthcare (WIMTACH)

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TAC Name:Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Healthcare (WIMTACH)
Affiliated With:Centennial College
TAC awarded:Competition 4: 2015
Short Description:WIMTACH at Centennial provides unique proposition of a mobile, wearable, and interactive research facility and field-based usability testing framework. It brings together proven multi-disciplinary faculty experience, diversity and depth of students, state-of-the-art facilities across four Centennial campuses, international reach, robust project management, and an extensive innovation ecosystem to benefit Canada’s health technologies industry.
Twitter Pitch:On the pulse of digital health: WIMTACH specializes in software, AI, gaming, apps, prototyping, design, hackathons and more.
Address:941 Progress Ave. Room D2-02, Toronto, ON M1G 3T8
Point of Contact:Name: Jeziel Vidad, Manager, WIMTACH


Phone: +1-416-289-5128×8594

Email: JVidad@centennialcollege.ca

Website: wimtach.centennialcollege.ca

Services offered in: English

Request Interactive Visit: http://interactivevisits.ca

Areas of Innovation Expertise:·         Digital health technology

·         Mobile technology

·         Interactive technology

·         Wearable technology

·         Electronics and mechanical technology

·         Hackathons


Technical and Business Services:

·         Design Services

·         Concept ideation & design review

·         Technology & workflow consultation

·         Business development & market research services

·         Competitive market analysis

·         Digital Media & Web Solutions

·         Field trials/Simulation

·         Project management

Applied Research and Development:·         Concept validation

·         Reverse Engineering

·         Product Design & Development

·         Product Re-design & Improvement

·         3D design & rapid Prototyping

·         Pre-commercialization 3D Printing services

·         Technology validation and transfer

·         Provincial and federal grant proposal development

·         Regulatory Research in Health

Training:·         Corporate on-site & in-house training

·         Interactive Workshop Sessions

·         Connections to co-op placement opportunities

Technology Diffusion:·         Open houses – Testing facility & personnel

·         Networking events

·         Rental of space & equipment

·         Industry-specific events & symposia


Specialized Equipment Available:·         In-House Server for Testing

·         Mobile Devices Library from Wavefront

TAC-specific Social Media Links:https://twitter.com/centwimtach


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